FAQ on Buy Here Pay Here Car Loans

Question: Can a person who has filed for bankruptcy still get an auto loan? If so, how long must a person wait after filing Chapter 7 before they can get an auto?

Answer: In some cases you are eligible for financing after the initial meeting of your creditors (but check with your trustee to make sure) in every case, you are eligible immediately after the bankruptcy is discharged.

You can always get financed through our Buy here Pay here program.

Question: I have found the vehicle that I wish to purchase, but I am having trouble securing an auto loan Can you help?

Answer: Credithelpfinancial.com we have a number of lenders that we represent you to. We will not shop you around but first discuss your file with the banks before we submit your application We also do in house financing if we can not get you approved through conventional lending institutes.

Question: I have a car picked out but I’m not sure how your loan process works.

Answer: if you watch the videos on our website or the commercial on Channel 4 Rogers TV guide channel it will explain how it works but it is a very simple process.$1000 dollars down-Ability to pay-You are approved.

Question: Do you have any no money down loans that would require not even licence plate money and taxes to be given at the time of purchase? My son is 18 and has no credit and needs a car but we don’t really have tax or license plate money.

Answer: There are no-money-down programs available. It is unlikely that your son would qualify by himself. If he applies on his own, he would most likely fall into a First Time Buyer program. Most FTB programs require at least 15% of the sale price, not including taxes. If a parent with fair credit was listed as a co-buyer, you should qualify for a zero down program. At Credithelpfinancial.com we will take a look at you on your own but you will need a minimum of $1000.00 down.

Question: My credit score is 534 with a voluntary repossession. I will have a co-signer with a score of 550. I am willing to put money down but need 30 days to come up with it. I need to get the vehicle today.

Answer: The information provided is not enough to determine if you would qualify for a loan. As far as the down payment, in the in-house program you must have your money down at the time of delivery You would probably not qualify for a conventional bank loan but may qualify for the buy here pay here program on your own.

Question: We had a discharged bankruptcy last August. How do I find dealerships who help people with past credit problems. I know our credit has improved a lot since last year.

Answer: You can apply online and your application will be processed by our professional staff and you should have an answer the same day.