After Fixing Your Credit Don’t Wait To Borrow

Once you have dealt with all the negative on your credit report don’t wait to re-establish your credit. People end up with all of their debt and negative off their credit report but end up with no active reporting on their credit. If you have paid off all of your debts, and none of your past negative information is reporting on your credit bureau, this will report with a low (or a negative score) unless you have at least one active credit account reporting. Without an active credit account, like a car loan from the computer algorithms that calculate credit scores can not generate a positive credit score for you because they can’t evaluate how you are currently using credit. This is why it can be a good idea to have at least one loan like a car loan because this shows up as an instalment loan (it has a beginning and an end to it) that you maintain responsibly at all times so that the credit system can create a positive credit score for you.

You can still get a car loan with the negatives on your credit. The longer between the negatives the better this will help determine your interest rate. has a program called the Pinnacle program this helps you get your credit back on track whether you have collections, bankruptcy or bills written off we can help you re-establish your credit. You can ask our professional staff for more information on the Pinnacle program.