Struggling with a car payment? Let Credithelpfinancial help you!

Here are a few steps to help you figure out how to get started at trading and refinancing a new vehicle, possibly with a lower payment and more money in your pocket.

Step 1

Call the finance company ask for a payout of what you owe on your existing loan.

Step 2

If you are lucky you may have equity on the vehicle depending on how much you put down, market value, etc.

Step 3

Find out how much negative equity in the vehicle you may have?

Step 4

Speak to a professional at Credithelpfinancial to determine what your new interest rate may be. Allow them to find you the lowest rate possible.

Step 5

When choosing a vehicle and speaking to the staff at Credithelpfinancial about your needs and payment options, take into consideration all monetary factors such as fuel savings, insurance costs, interest savings.

Step 6

Let the staff at Credithelpfinancial find you a new vehicle based on your needs, wants and new payment.

Credit help financial will help you with all the above steps and will find you the interest rate and term which best suit your needs.